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The Fellowship of Reconciliation campaigns for peace and non-violent means of resolving disputes across the world.

At the Personal Level

Baner yn Faslane

Our members commit themselves to active non-violence as a way of life and as a means of personal transformation. We can examine our own life style to ensure we are doing as much as we can to reduce the support for violence in our world. For example are we:

At the Local Level

Our members are active in local cells of the Fellowship across Wales. You will note that we have a number of local campaigns in our events diary. Also we have a campaign to get local councils to use the white poppy on Remembrance Day. Another important campaign is to stop the army from recruiting in schools and local events such as agricultural shows.

At the National Level

FOR Wales campaigns at the national level as a pressure group on the National Assembly to ensure Wales follows the path of peace. We press on the Assembly not to support the testing of unmanned aerial vehicles ("drones") in Wales, and we were part of a national campaign against the plans for a military academy at St. Athan, which have now thankfully been shelved. We also hold regular pilgrimages to the Epynt military range.

At the International Level

FOR Wales is a part of IFOR which has branches and members world wide. We cooperate with other European branches of IFOR to bring pressure on the EU to solve international disputes by non violent means. We also cooperate with our Jewish and Palestinian branches to help them bring peace to Israel and Palestine.